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Now available: the comprehensive Bibliography of Glass

323 pages containing a compilation of 4,210 selected books


The Bibliography of Glass is a compilation of 4,210 selected books and a few important articles and other sources on glass and glassmaking in various languages from the earliest times to the present (31st December 2018).


It has been compiled by Willy Van den Bossche, well known glass collector, who dedicated over 10 years to the collecting of his library, containing over 4,000 books which take up 82 running metres on the shelves.


The bibliography is an exceptional work of reference and compendium in terms of the world-wide overview it provides of books on glass, glass technology, the art of glass, glassware, glass collections, exhibition catalogues, museum catalogues, sales catalogues and manuscripts relating to glass.


It has been compiled for libraries, sellers of new and antiquarian books, collectors, historians, researchers, glass museums and any other institutions and individuals interested in ancient, antique or modern glass.


More than 450 museums relating to the art of glass from all over the world have been catalogued creating a book within a book.


Wherever possible details of the authors, collectors, glass works, glass museums, institutions, companies, auctioneers and publishers are provided, with supplemental information such as their places of origin or business, age and dates of birth, death, foundation and closing.


This Digital Edition enables everyone to do extensive research, just by clicking the “Search” button.


The Bibliography is avaliable for free at

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