61st Premio Faenza Talks by MIC Faenza are starting


Starting from January 14th, every Thursday at 4.00 p.m. the MIC will meet the most talented international artists working with ceramics, live on facebook and youtube


Starting from January 14th, 2021, every Thursday until March 24th, 2021 (4 pm), the "61st Premio Faenza Talks" will take place: a series of live presentations on the social networks Facebook and Youtube of MIC Faenza of the artists selected for the International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art - Premio Faenza.


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing health emergency, which makes international travel difficult, it was not possible to set up the exhibition. The Faenza museum decided to present the works selected in the competition through a series of live on facebook and you tube, open to all.  Beside that a printed catalogue richer in images and space dedicated to each artist, will be published.


The "61st Faenza Prize Talks" are a unique opportunity for the public to meet the main contemporary artistic themes applied to ceramic sculpture and to come into direct contact with over fifty artists from all over the world. The members of the jury will moderate the debate. The audience, who can ask questions and satisfy curiosity.


In the meantime, starting from 11th January 2021, every day from Monday to Friday, on the MIC social networks facebook and youtube each artist will be presented through his/her works and biography.


On Thursday, January 14th at 4 pm, the talk will be moderated by Claudia Casali, director of MIC, who will meet Safia Hijos, Paolo Porelli, Stephanie Marie Roos, Roy & Erez Maayan.


Safia Hijos, French, born in 1975, lives and works in Nîmes, France. Between rococo and pop culture, her sculptures and installations constantly play with the history of ceramics. The composition of the pieces, attached to the walls and even the ceiling, intertwine with the space tell an imaginative and colourful story. At the 61st Premio Faenza she was selected for "Supernature 10", which represents her inner garden, half vegetable, half animal.


Paolo Porelli, (Rome, 1966) began his expressive experience as a painter graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and then moved on to ceramic sculpture as a response to a new need for physicality, volume and chromatic matter. For years, Porelli has been working on an anthropomorphic sculpture as a metaphor of reality, crossing his personal experience, perceptive dimensions and languages of art history. At the 61st Premio Faenza he was selected for "RefleX", an installation of 29 sculptures in terracotta, whose glazing was entrusted to the master potter Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli, the current descendant of the historical Rubboli factory founded in Gualdo Tadino in 1873.


Roy Maayan & Erez Maayan, are two Israeli brothers, working both individually and as an artistic duo. Their work has been exhibited in museums, theatres, galleries and biennials around the world. At the 61 Premio Faenza they were selected for the performance "Play with me" part of an ongoing search for new modes of creation that challenge the boundaries between different media and between life and art.


Stephanie Marie Roos (1971) lives and works in Germany in Archen. She has been working with ceramics since 2011. The focus of her work is the depiction of man as a cultural being. Analysis that she carries out through the details of clothing and accessories. Her analysis is sociological and her question is to understand how the individual is searching for identity in a society that is not very solid. At the 61st Premio Faenza she was selected for "Europa and The Bull" a reflection on the constant growth of racism in European politics.



14th January, 4PM

Claudia Casali (director del MIC Faenza) meets Safia Hijos, Paolo Porelli, Stephanie Marie Roos, Roy & Erez Maayan


21rt January, 4PM

Irene Biolchini (guest curator MIC Faenza) meets Victor Agius, T-yong Chung, Ekaterina Panikanova.


28th Juanuary, 4PM

Judith Schwartz (Professor New York University) meets Jacqueline Tse, Laurey Ellen Finneran, Noemi Iglesias Barrios, Fausto Salvi, Helmie Brugman



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